Mountain Valley Trail riders

Welcome to MVTR

Mountain Valley Trail Riders was established with the goal of promoting good horsemanship and promoting awareness about horses and equine related subjects. Along with this idea, we want to enjoy our horses and build relationships with those who own, or have an interest in horses. We currently hold one fun show a year. It enables our members to have fun and compete with each other for ribbons with different skill levels for all. It’s a huge event and is lots of fun!

We have an organized parade unit that appears in local parades. We have made trips to Indianapolis, Indiana to appear in the Indy 500 parade, but most of our parades are close to home. Our club is paid for most of our appearances. We have only a limited number of money making activities per year, and the parades are an important part of our income.

We also provide selected pony rides, an Adopt-a-Highway clean up program, having adopted most of Racetrack Road near the entrance to the Meadows. We also schedule many group trail rides each year including several campout weekends. We also have an annual Judged Trail Ride at Mingo Park that takes a lot of planning and plenty of volunteers that are needed but a good time is had by all!!! In addition, we enjoy our annual banquet which is held in January each year, with gift giveaways, dinner, music and dancing.

MVTR meetings are once a month, on the third Wednesday, currently held at the Washington County Court House Square Building at 7:30 p.m. all members are encourages to participate at these meetings. If you decide to join, we have a monthly newsletter that will be mailed to you listing the next month’s activities. I hope I haven’t left anything out. We are always trying to come up with new events, for fun and income making ideas. Finally, I know I speak for my fellow Officers and Directors, as well as our membership, when I say, “Howdy, and welcome to MVTR – we hope you find your place here.” We are looking forward to meeting you, come join in.